Orchestrating Excellence: Superb Leadership Principles Demonstrated by Brandon Stewart and EVMCO

December 5, 2018

Superb leadership demonstrated by the legendary conductor Brandon Stewart is fueled chiefly by what we experienced as a Relentless Commitment to Excellence. In this podcast Erik Huso and Ben Dodge discuss the powerful and incredible effect of Brandon Stewart's leadership style through the MCO organization. Through this organization Brandon has been able to command the ultimate performance, respect, and standard of excellence in a most amazing performance experience. Whether you are a member of the organization or a lucky attendee of one of his concerts, you will forever be changed by the experience of it all. This experience is a direct result of Brandon's leadership and its powerful impact. We break it down into understandable principles you can apply to your life and business. Start implementing them now and experience what lies ahead for you! You can also check out more here on their website about any upcoming performances: http://www.millennial.org/about-mco/.


The Power of a Good Mentor

November 21, 2018

The Power of a GOOD Mentor

Don’t take financial advice from a person on welfare??? Some truth to that, but that ignores so many people that you can learn from. Just because someone is a great performer doesn’t mean they are a great coach either.

Some highlights from this podcast:

  • Without growth, there is no joy.

  • Transformation vs. information. Don’t get stuck in always needing to learn more. Get into action.

  • Action brings inspiration. It primes the pump.

  • Coaching isn’t easy. Addresses fears head on. Avoidance.

  • Coaches won’t let you quit. Coaches won’t believe your self-imposed limitations. Help see that the impossible is possible.

  • A good coach will connect you to your mission, your purpose, what you are truly committed to.
  • A great coach will demonstrate leadership, not just talk about leadership. They are seeking to grow themselves as much as they are helping you to grow.

If you feel a burning desire to accomplish something more or alternatively feel like life is flat and frustrating without purpose- then you may be ready for a professional mentor. Take action and affect epic changes in your life.


Servant Leadership

November 16, 2018

Servant leadership is all about serving the needs of others, helping others become their very best. Servant Leaders are distinct from any other leadership style by their remarkable and sustainable results. Authoritarian and dictatorship styles may have a short term sense of effectiveness, but they are not sustainable nor really that effective.

  • “The best test is: do those served grow as persons; do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?”—Robert Greenleaf

Characteristics of a servant leader: authentic listener, empathetic, persuasive, integrity, committed, humble, awake and emotionally intelligent.

  • Your character is the source of your power as a leader.

    • Your growth as a person is tied to your influence as a leader.
  • Persuasion is the tool of the servant leader. Never force.

“Humility is the litmus test of leadership, whether a person is a master or a charlatan.”—Mark Devine

In the opinion of thought leader Brendon Burchard, servant leadership is the only kind of leadership. The title is duplicitous. You don’t say a “two-wheeled bicycle.” Redundant. Similarly , servant and leadership are one in the same. “Servant leaders are true leaders. As a matter of fact, I don’t see any appreciable distinction between true leaders and other kinds. You don’t say, ‘This is a true bicycle’; it is or it isn’t a bicycle. Likewise, a person is or isn’t a leader.”


The Power of The Circles of Fear

November 8, 2018

Reduce and Eliminate Fear in Your Life

Fear doesn't have to be such a controlling influence in your life. Understand and implement the Circles of Fear to target your anxiety and then rid yourself of it’s limiting and negative influence in your life. Start with identifying your real fears. Look introspectively and ask enough “why” questions to understand what you’re really afraid of. Then apply the “Circle of Fears” and determine how you can rid your life of fear, or at least the impact and influence of it.

Check out an in depth blog article on The Circle of Fears here: http://affectepic.com/the-circles-of-fear/



The Power of Gratitude - Grow Yourself & Grow Your Possibilities

October 23, 2018

The Power of Gratitude - Grow Yourself & Grow Your Possibilities


Gratitude is not a noun. Yet, every dictionary sees it as a noun. It is so much more than something you can possess. There is a higher law of Gratitude and that higher law is all VERB. It is an action and something you experience. It can and should become a part of your very way of being. Being grateful is different than having gratitude. Know the difference and see how the power of gratitude can influence your life and the lives of those around you.


The Power of Respect

October 17, 2018

The Power of Respect.

There is power in understanding, possessing, commanding, and demonstrating respect. Do you even know how to define it? Most do not.

Understand the principle of respect. Understand how to cultivate your own respect. Know more about the judgments you are passing on others, including yourself.


Principles of WORK

October 11, 2018

This isn’t about working more, or working harder. This is about a paradigm shift, to see things differently. This is about seeing work as a tool to leverage your power. Is work powerful or non-powerful in your life. Is it useful or not useful in your life. Is it creating epic results in your life or not? It goes without saying that hard work is necessary for any significant or epic achievement. In many instances missing the element of hard work is the difference between something not even happening at all, and in many other cases it is the difference in that thing happening well.


Principles of WORK. Hard work is Powerful work:

  • Work Ethic is a pathway to Excellence
  • Own Your Work
  • Powerful Work is driven by Purpose, Clear Intention, and Commitment
  • Powerful Work can be Enjoyable
  • Powerful Work porvides Challenge and Variety
  • Work is a Pathway to You becoming a Person of Character
  • Every Vitrue has a Counterfiet



The Power of Faith/Belief & How It Leads Your Actions

October 3, 2018

Faith as a principle of power  

Lets be clear that we do not mean faith in the context of religion (although it applies there as well). We mean faith in the context of belief that propels action. Strong character increases your capacity to exercise faith and as you act in faith, you fortify your character. Faith and character are inseparable.


You can create your world around you or be created by the world around you. You are a creator. Constantly creating. This requires clear intentions and much commitment, but it all starts with FAITH/BELIEF.


Faith/Belief is the foundation of creation. Without faith, you won’t create. Faith/Belief is the foundation of change. Faith is a foundation of the growth mindset that your brain, talents and abilities can grow. Faith is the foundation to self-mastery. Faith is the foundation to leadership, inspiring others to follow your actions and believe your words. Faith is a foundation of motivation, believing that you are capable of doing and being. Motivation comes from feeling, not knowing. We all “know enough”. What we lack is motivation to act, and at the root of that is a lack of faith. Faith gives you the ability to look past the challenges of the moment and into the future of powerful creation. Faith is all about the future. It is built on the past, but doesn’t live there. It lives in the future. Faith is the great moving power that changes lives.


GOALS - Fix your perspective and learn the real principles behind GOALS; Spoiler alert… society may have goals all wrong.

September 26, 2018



There is no such thing as accidental success. We must be very intentional. Success is manifested by those who set and work towards goals. 


Goals are really an Evolutionary Experience. Feel the journey and take in the experience.


"Put a deadline on your dreams and they become goals." If your goal is achievable then you probably didn't dream big enough. Dream big, dream massive - then take even more massive action towards your goals. This is the experience of goals. This pursuit is incredibly powerful and intrinsically motivating. The action is key, the pursuit is everything. Start thinking of goals like this: GOals. GO and do. GO take massive action. Engage in the pursuit of a dream.


Just before you reach your goal you should ratchet it up to the next level and continue in the pursuit. Stay in teh fight. Stay engaged. This is where the joy really is. We all know those "one and done" sorts of people who are only results oriented and once they reach a goal their joy is so fleeting then they go back to their miserable life focusing only on the results.


Live better. Set GOals like a champion. Be a dreamer. Be better today than you were yesterday. #AffectEpic



Interview with Navy Seal Dan Cerrillo - Incredible Insigjts into the Tough Questions

September 19, 2018

Interview with Navy Seal Dan Cerrillo.

In this epic podcast we had the privilege of interviewing navy seal Dan Cerrillo. Dan is an incredible human being with an incredible amount of experience. His insight into some of the tough questions of life is founded in his Seal team training and experiences. We are proud to have had the opportunity to learn from him and discuss together such topics as Mental Toughness, BUDS, Teamwork, Commitment, Determination, leadership and more.

Dan is also a successful businessman committed to his family and his businesses. Listen to his comments, answers and insights to our questions through this podcast. We are positive you will listen to this episode multiple times – we already have and we learn something new each time!

Thank you Dan for spending some time with us and for sharing with our listeners your incredible insights.