Principles of Epic Growth

Determination is that ‘Moxie’ that Results in Unflinching Action.

May 30, 2018

Happiness isn’t sitting and staring at a wall. That’s what boring bored people do, and most HATE being bored. People are happiest when they are appropriately challenged, trying to achieve goals and objectives that are hard, but attainable. People blossom when challenged.

Determination is something you possess; it is the fire in your belly. It is more than just a state of mind. Itis something you can feel. You can even feel it from others when you observe them demonstrating it! Determination is the substance that allows you the power to stay committed. Determination is the vehicle through which you can demonstrate that you’re committed. Determination is that moxie, that umph in your thinking that results in unflinching action. It is an absolute resoluteness or a firmness of purpose. What is your purpose? At work? Home? Etc.

Understanding and being in alignment with your purpose can foster the growth of your determination. The more authentic your commitments the easier it is to find and develop your determination.

Determination by itself is not enough, nor is commitment. You need both. You need to be clear on your commitments and then apply the firmness of purpose (i.e. determination) to them. This is how winning is done. This is how massive action takes place. This is how you happen to life instead of life happening to you.

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