Principles of Epic Growth

Intention: The Power to Do What You Want, Be What you Want, and Accomplish What You Want!

May 22, 2018

“At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.”—von Goethe. Every movement is intentional and creates an intended result. Are you running up life's escalator or are you standing still? Intention is the difference between accomplishing everything you desire or simply living a life of regret. There is no middle ground. Wake up. Live with intention. Be intentional. Your desires are not your intentions. Intention requires action. Your commitments clarify and illuminate your desires - are they in alignment? When you are clear on your commitments you can allow your desires to give birth to clear intentions. This is living powerfully!

Intention is whatever you say it is when you wake up. You have to create it fresh every day. And the good thing about that is that you are the author. No one “finds” their purpose. That would be boring. Create your purpose. –Steve Chandler

The Japanese word for purpose is Ikigai, and embodies the idea of having a clear intention, meaning “a reason for being; a reason to get up in the morning.” Imagine if every teacher, every day asked, “Is what I am doing in the classroom today powerful or non-powerful as it relates to my intention?”

Magnifying glass. When I’m not focused on my attention, I’m like the sun, shining on everything and everyone. I shine on everyone, but at the end of the day, there is no fire. When I have a clear intention on who I am committed to serving, then you create fire. –Steve Chandler

Numbers and goals don’t drive people. People with a purpose drive people who achieve numbers and goals. Motivation is driven from within. It is driven by intention and purpose, not extrinsic rewards like numbers, rewards and goals. Goals can provide a short term temporary burst of motivation, but aren’t sustainable over time without commitment. Without commitment or intention, you either quit, or go through the motions.—Jeff Gordon

Listen in and take some action when Ben and Erik invite you to make some small and simple changes to your way of being. Intention is the key to every great success.

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