The World Has “Habits” Completely Wrong - How Even Your Good Habits are Making You Mediocre - Discover a Better Way.

June 19, 2018

Scientists have confirmed that habits form and operate from an entirely separate part of the brain responsible for memory. You can literally make unconscious choices without having to remember your decision making process. In other words you can be unengaged, not present, subconsciously doing whatever you are doing. THIS IS NO WAY TO LIVE.

For example, how many times have you exited the freeway at the wrong exit because of habit? Learn how even good habits are limiting your potential.

What do you do when acting out of habit? You are simply surrendering control to what is comfortable. Never be comfortable. That’s right, we are telling you that you should want to be uncomfortable. You should always retain choice and choose something uncomfortable that requires you to be present and fully engaged. This is how you start reaching for the stars. If you are acting out of habit and already reaching the stars then wake up and start reaching for other galaxies. Be present and consciously choose what you will be doing, thinking, and how you will behave in every situation. This is the power of intentionality.

Even Good Habits are killing you right now. They are stunting your growth.

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Experience the “Growth Mindset” Like Never Before!

June 13, 2018

What is a growth mindset? How do I know if I have a fixed or growth mindset? How do I create a growth mindset in my culuture at work, home, etc.? How do I help my children have a growth mindset? How do I create a marriage that thrives and grows over time? “Becoming is better than being.” Fixed mindset doesn’t permit you the opportunity to become—you must already “be”.

People with a fixed mindset are afraid of challenge and minimize effort and work. With a fixed mindset you worry more about what other people think of you. You are constantly being judged. They are always out to prove themselves worthy, and are overly sensitive to being wrong, to not looking good, making mistakes and failing. You are looking for validation. And sadly you are blind to it. You would never see yourself as a “non-learner”. But the fear of not being good enough, not being smart enough, has blinded you to the fact that you are not growing, not becoming.

Ben Dodge and Erik Huso jump head first into a discussion about the Growth Mindset and utilize concepts from best selling author Carol Dweck in her book, Mindset, by Carol Dweck. Some raw and authentic moments from each as they reflect on some early childhood experiences that have shaped their views and how different their childhoods were.

“People have more capacity for lifelong learning and brain development than they ever thought.” (5)

Growth mindset doesn’t mean that anyone can be anything, that I could be as great as Mozart, Einstein or Michael Jordan. It does mean that my true potential is far beyond the limits I have placed on myself, and that it is both unknown and unknowable all that I could accomplish if I continue on a pathway of growth, with perseverance, effort, commitment and grit. (7) Was it Mozart’s natural born talent or practicing until his hands became crippled? Was it Jordan’s athleticism, or his drive to improve daily, manifested in being the first one to practice and the last one to leave? (63) Ben Dodge completely and respectfully disagrees with the above - anyone can absolutely be as great or better than these examples. It is a simple formula: given a enough time and determination you will be the absolute best at whatever you set out to do. If you die before reaching the desired outcome then you died a happy person, but the formula remains true; give me enough time and I'll apply enough determination to be the best in what ever sphere I choose. Talent is created not inherited at birth. Neither genetics nor circumstances you are born into are more important than determination and time. This is what a growth mindset really looks like. This is how it feels to live without limits. Embrace it and stop making excuses for yourself based on your genetics or family circumstances.

“The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.” (6)

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Your Culture Determines Your Growth. Own it, Lead it, Create it.

June 5, 2018

What is a culture and why is it so important? Building culture starts with two questions: 1. What are we committed to? What do we value? You are creating a culture whether you know it or not. As the leader of your own life you can own any culture you belong to, and can influence it regardless of title or position.

“Leaders often do not fully recognize the extent to which “who they are” affects virtually every aspect of their organization….If a leader has unimpeachable integrity, a standard is set that others feel drawn to follow. If a leader treats people with respect—associates, subordinates, customers, suppliers, shareholders—that tends to translate into company culture.” (254) –Nathaniel Brandon, Six Pillars of Self-Esteem.

When hiring new employees- scare people with sincerity. Tell them outright at the end of the interview that being humble, hungry and smart are requirements for the job. If a candidate didn’t fit the description, they’d be miserable working there. (idea credit to Patrick Lencioni).


Determination is that ‘Moxie’ that Results in Unflinching Action.

May 30, 2018

Happiness isn’t sitting and staring at a wall. That’s what boring bored people do, and most HATE being bored. People are happiest when they are appropriately challenged, trying to achieve goals and objectives that are hard, but attainable. People blossom when challenged.

Determination is something you possess; it is the fire in your belly. It is more than just a state of mind. Itis something you can feel. You can even feel it from others when you observe them demonstrating it! Determination is the substance that allows you the power to stay committed. Determination is the vehicle through which you can demonstrate that you’re committed. Determination is that moxie, that umph in your thinking that results in unflinching action. It is an absolute resoluteness or a firmness of purpose. What is your purpose? At work? Home? Etc.

Understanding and being in alignment with your purpose can foster the growth of your determination. The more authentic your commitments the easier it is to find and develop your determination.

Determination by itself is not enough, nor is commitment. You need both. You need to be clear on your commitments and then apply the firmness of purpose (i.e. determination) to them. This is how winning is done. This is how massive action takes place. This is how you happen to life instead of life happening to you.

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Intention: The Power to Do What You Want, Be What you Want, and Accomplish What You Want!

May 22, 2018

“At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.”—von Goethe. Every movement is intentional and creates an intended result. Are you running up life's escalator or are you standing still? Intention is the difference between accomplishing everything you desire or simply living a life of regret. There is no middle ground. Wake up. Live with intention. Be intentional. Your desires are not your intentions. Intention requires action. Your commitments clarify and illuminate your desires - are they in alignment? When you are clear on your commitments you can allow your desires to give birth to clear intentions. This is living powerfully!

Intention is whatever you say it is when you wake up. You have to create it fresh every day. And the good thing about that is that you are the author. No one “finds” their purpose. That would be boring. Create your purpose. –Steve Chandler

The Japanese word for purpose is Ikigai, and embodies the idea of having a clear intention, meaning “a reason for being; a reason to get up in the morning.” Imagine if every teacher, every day asked, “Is what I am doing in the classroom today powerful or non-powerful as it relates to my intention?”

Magnifying glass. When I’m not focused on my attention, I’m like the sun, shining on everything and everyone. I shine on everyone, but at the end of the day, there is no fire. When I have a clear intention on who I am committed to serving, then you create fire. –Steve Chandler

Numbers and goals don’t drive people. People with a purpose drive people who achieve numbers and goals. Motivation is driven from within. It is driven by intention and purpose, not extrinsic rewards like numbers, rewards and goals. Goals can provide a short term temporary burst of motivation, but aren’t sustainable over time without commitment. Without commitment or intention, you either quit, or go through the motions.—Jeff Gordon

Listen in and take some action when Ben and Erik invite you to make some small and simple changes to your way of being. Intention is the key to every great success.


Literally SMASH Everything by Creating an Epic Team Around You

May 15, 2018

The most efficient model for achieving EPIC success, and I mean success on an EPIC level is to create a team of incredible people who are each individually expert in his/her own right- who also share your vision and commitment. Why be average when you have such incredible potential? Reach for the stars, dream big, smash life, smash business, become who you are meant to be! This is living life ALL IN! The only way to do it is to create your team. Build your team around you with intention and watch your dreams become a reality.


Authenticity: Live Free. The Magnetic Power of Authenticity.

May 2, 2018

Authenticity is not only a vital and primary principle to experiencing epic growth, it is a powerful way to live free. Living authentically is powerful. If you live authentically you won't have to chase down new clients or new business, it comes to you. Authenticity is powerfully magnetic. It is synergistic. Whether you are an incredibly important CEO, or an athlete, or a stay at home parent - living authentically is the only way to live free. Liberate yourself from the burden of trying to be the person you think others want you to be. Experience the success, freedom, and epic growth from authenticity.


Alignment: A Powerful Principle of Epic Growth

April 24, 2018

Living a life "In Alignment" is living with ultimate freedom. Freedom because you are no longer distracted by other options. Liberate yourself from the feelings of overwhelmed, out of control, "not enough time in the day," and so much more. Being in alignment to what you have declared you are committed to, frees you to focus, removes the fear of ‘missing out’ (FOMO), and makes decisions natural. The results are limitless freedom and a happy in control optimistic outlook of everything. Take the challenge to get yourself more in alignment. What things, people, activities, groups, clubs, employment, and so on are not in alignment with your core values and commitments?


Integrity: A Fundamental Principle of Epic Growth

April 17, 2018

Ben Dodge and Erik Huso discuss the principle of integrity. Simple - you are either living IN integrity or you are not. The power to influence comes from within your own discipline to your integrity.


Commitment - A Fundamental Principle of Epic Growth

April 3, 2018

Ben Dodge and Erik Huso break down the principle of Commitment and how it leads to epic growth. What is commitment? Are you over committed? How to you develop stronger commitment. Real life personal examples and stories from their consulting clients are used to illustrate how commitment will put you on a path for real growth.